Saturday, May 22, 2010

cap and shoe

customize on cotton on's shoe. title is 'love fantasy'..

'Tag me in facebook', the most command quote nowadays.
Stencil on skateboard for youngfolks as their signage.
stencil cap for youngfolks.
'no paint,no gain'..graffiti writer keep it rocking..
'let's bomb', bomb is a term for graffiti means go to spray graffiti on the street.
another public service anouncement by kevinmuji.. 'stop children abuse'..
'sneaker freak' means a person that addicted to sneaker very much..
'the 3D female spray cap'
'Fix our future' ride fixed gear and go green..

public service snouncement again.. 'burger kills'.
'fastfood kills'..
'Stop wars'..