Thursday, December 27, 2007

Kecik-kecik Group show (30th dec 07- 05th jan 08)

Kecikecik Group ShowVanue : They Art Studio Lot 2.02Annexe Central Market.Date: 30th Dec 07 - 5 Jan 08Opening : 30th December 2007, 6pm - 10pm( Free Enterance )

Participating Artists & Designers:-
1. Bibichun
2. Kevin Muji
3. Davin Gill
4. Erkz
5. Snozze
6. Luna G
7. The Spastick
8. Moisst
9. Estu Anastasia
10. Ijat
11. Rizal Sufar
12. Mistawhy
13. Lamb
14. Yuan
15. The Damis
16. Kioue
17. Jojo
18. Hajare
19. Tha-B
20. Famu Nada
21. Street FX
22. Anokayer
23. Black Fryday
24. silent keat
25. THEY
26. Julia Yap
27. Kings88
28. eightyfourcube
29. Rash
Kecikecik Group Show is a showcase ofmore than 280 Miniature Artworks by 29local malaysian Artists & designers.The participating Artists and designersconsists of well known industy playersand artist, Graffiti artist as well asupcoming artist and designers.The group show features an eclecticcombination of artworks housed togetherin a unique Art Studio showcase concept.
Artworks range from Miniture Painting oncanvas, Mix medium artworks,Photography, Lomography, sculptures anddigital prints in dimension not morethan 1 feet x 1 feet.TheyArtStudio aims to create and provideexposure and opportunity to all localartists & designers to exhibit as wellas to become a one stop destination tomerge all artist, designers, art loverand art collector alike.
For the opening ceremony of KecikecikGroup Show you can expect a special BeatCurator by DJ Rainf of Dropout and DJSilent Keat of SP to heat up the openingparty and launch.
For any additional enquiries or detailsplease call:They: 016 2341362

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Laptop skin design and for sales

Now you can Personalize Your Portrait on Your Laptop!
For more information, please visit

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Shoe customization---snake and skull

Customization of a girl's shoes by Kevinmuji..

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Graffiti tags experiment design

Random work..

Assignment---Corporate identity design

Another assignment done by U.I.S..
not an easy job..