Wednesday, March 14, 2007


A portrait stencil of my friend..

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Stencil of Bruce Lee

Experimental works of kevinmuji..

Kevinmuji's t-shirts design

The tee collection of kevinmuji..All designed by kevinmuji..copyright all right reserved..

First shoe illustration


Monday, March 12, 2007

Sneaker and box customization

shoes and shoe box design by kevinmuji..

Logo on skateboard

kevinmuji's logo..

Airbrushing on Laptop

'broken laptop' by kevinmuji..

helmet airbrushing

Another work by kevinmuji..

Airbrushing on Refridgerator

Kevinmuji's fridge..Airbursh by kevinmuji also..

Fan customization

Crappy Fan by kevinmuji..

Champion Vespa

Kevinmuji's vespa won the Champion in The Most beautiful Vespa in Kuantan.

An innovative and creative thrashbin design

Silly Trash bin by kevinmuji..

Glory Moment of Hyper Art crew

The Hyper Art CrewZ and cobbe's gilera..

Scooters' club

Miss the wonderful moment we had last time..--hyper art crew--

Stickers throw up

Throw up stencil on basketball court..

Vehicle airbrushing for Max

Jessie and max's name in wavy style..

A Long journey

I still have a long way to go..when can i achieve my dream?kevinmuji keep on rocking..

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Mural airbrushing---Hong sifu of HongKong

One of the project by Kevinmuji and Psyrusly..wall mural of 'hong sifu'..

'When new meets the old'---Vespa and Suzuki

My babies..1 is 1974 vespa sprint and another 1 is 1998 suzuki vs black red machine..Paint job by Kevinmuji

Mural Graffiti by hyper art

Graffiti by hyper art crewz crew member's work..Graffiti not a crime!!

Spray paint job

Another spray paint stuff by kevinmuji..nokia3310 casing,old skool cellphone..haha..
And actually the surface is flat,that 's the 3D effect i made..

Heart shape candle

Little handicraft from kevinmuji---love shape candle..

White flame on helmet

White 3D flame by kevinmuji..

Saturday, March 10, 2007

moskito in airbrush..

Another airbrush masterpiece by kevinmuji..

helmet airbrushing..

2 helmets of airbrushing by kevinmuji..

Mural airbrushing---Kevinmuji's workplace

Kevinmuji airbrushing on the wall..


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