Saturday, March 22, 2008

T-shirt design for U.I.S

This is the uniform for UIS creative team..

Adwave Sloggi advertising campaign design competition---Champion

-UIS creative team-

Sinchew daily online..
Kosmo newspaper..

Sinchew Daily..

Presentation infront thousands people..

Photo taken after the interview session with the media..

Some of photos of joyful moments and winning moment..

This is an Advertising Campaign Plan Competition organized by ADWAVE and sponsored by Sloggi and Association of Accredited Advertising Agents. The winner of this competition will get their brainchild being executed in the real-world market besides winning cash prize of RM6,000.

--The Concept--

Based on the coming new series of lingerie which introduce by Sloggi, we have been invited to create a creative campaign in building the products’ awareness among the public in the coming months. There are three products which including the Antique, Pristine and Rumba, and these three products had been categorized as the Sloggi Pure Bodywear Autumn’08. To create a creative campaign for the Sloggi Pure Bodywear Autumn ’08 launching in this September of 2008, I have come out a concept.

In our concept, “Sloggi” is not only a lingerie brand, but it is more than that. When it wears by the women, it would become a body art. It is a combination of body language plus “Sloggi” lingerie. Therefore, we have come out an idea of combine the Sloggi Pure Bodywear Autumn ’08 with Art. The reason why we have the concept of linking the art culture with “Sloggi” is because art can express the human feelings as well as “Sloggi” products which could bring out the different feelings and expressions of the women who wearing the different “Sloggi” products.

“Art’umn” - as the campaign theme from the propose theme showing at the above. The word “Art’tumn” is combination of “art” and “autumn”. The reason why we want to name it as “Art’tumn” is because we want to carry out the meaning of art in autumn, while “Sloggi” launching the autumn series products soon. We want to carry out the message of, “Sloggi” lingerie is not only viewed as a normal brassiere or lingerie, but it is view as a work of art. We want to bring out a feeling of warmness and artistic look of the lingerie, and also make it as the trendy fashion to the women.

These are the award winning artwork to Adwave Sloggi by UIS creative team..