Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tropicana Life Street Tee design competition

'Make art not love'

' Bomb the wall'

' Spray with love'

'Aerosol paint invasion'

Submission for the Tropicana Life street tee design competition.

Mini Qee customization competition by Toy2R

Submission for Mini Qee customization competition by toy2R.

Name : Joey JordiQee

Inspiration : Joey Jordison of Slipknot

Uniqlo UTGP t-shirt design competition

'Skull Mickey'

'Nothing can bring me down'

'Opps i dropped it again'

Submission for Uniqlo UTGP t-shirt design grand prix 2011.

'Skull Mickey' of kevinmuji has qualified to the top 50 finalist of the world.

Kevinmuji is the only 1 of the designer from malaysia qualified to the top 50 finalist.

Bruce Lee art

Bruce Lee art on Spray can and Canvas by kevinmuji.

Clock design for C+C

Clock design by kevinmuji for Charity + creative..

Corporate identity of Kevinmuji

Sticker design by kevinmuji.It featured sillouette of a local public transportation ticket design.
It is to represent where i come from.

Namecard design

Spray art on mini signboard.

The Golden Egg

The golden eggs for the chicken rice shop.

Airbrush woodgrain on Recesky DIY TLR camera

Airbrush on Recesky DIY camera by kevinmuji.

It featured woodgrain design on the classic look TLR camera.

It is also a collaboration of kevinmuji X lomo crewz.

Airbrushing on Nike Zoom Kobe V

Airbrush on Nike zoom kobe V for a basketball player.

It featured gradient leopard patterns on the toebox of the shoes.

Pipit Wonderful market 4

Pipit Wonderful market 4..

A platform that sells handmade products.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Qee Madness custom competition

Submission for Qee madness custom competition in malaysia international toys fair.

name of the Qee is TrQee..

The Qee qualified to the top 10 finalist.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

C+ C creative competition

Awarded Grand Prize winner in Innovative design for Creative + Charity competition field.

Award winning creation is Multiple Usage Singlet.